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    Juvenile Crime Defense Attorney

    Protecting the Rights of Young People Facing Criminal Charges

    When a criminal charge is filed against an individual age 17 or younger, they are first filed in juvenile court. The juvenile court system is more concerned with rehabilitation rather than punishment, and there are alternatives that juveniles have that adult offenders are not offered. Some serious criminal charges will lead a prosecuting attorney to request that the case be filed in adult court, and when this is their efforts, every effort must be made to try to avoid this consequence. The skill and court record of your Flint criminal defense attorney is a crucial issue for any juvenile accused of a crime, whether a minor in possession, driving offense, retail fraud/shoplifting, or other crime.

    Juvenile Criminal Lawyer Serving Genesee County
    Young people frequently make errors in judgment – it is part of being young. Many adults can think back to their youth and realize that they were lucky they were never caught and charged with a criminal offense. I believe that young people deserve a second chance, and the best possible defense against any criminal charges.

    At my firm, Shaun R. Marks, P.C., I take on such cases fully determined to zealously protect the rights of any young client. I will go the distance to seek out alternative sentencing when that is the only option, or fight for an acquittal in court. I have a court record I am proud of, and you can be confident that when I take on such a case, I care about the outcome, and will do everything possible to help your child avoid the repercussions that legal problems can bring, including incarceration, destroyed opportunities and the other consequences of a criminal record.

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