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    Suspended License

    Fighting a Suspended License in Genesee County

    When a department of motor vehicles (DMV) penalizes an individual by suspending his or her license, it prohibits the individual from operating any motor vehicle for a length of time specified by either the court of the DMV. The two factors that are considered when setting a time period for a suspended license are the laws of the state, and the severity and nature of the individual’s offense. As a suspension usually has a “from” and a “through” date, the individual must appear at a branch office after the “through” date is reached to pay a reinstatement fee for a reinstatement of your license.

    There is a myriad of criminal convictions that may lead to a suspended license: driving under the influence or DUI/OWI, a felony involving a motor vehicle, vehicular homicide, racing, hit and run, fraudulent use of a license, implied consent law violation, amassing a specific number of DMV points, failure to appear in court for a traffic violation, and the list goes on. An offender who is under the age of 21 may get their license suspended for different reasons, such as reckless driving, the attempt to evade a police officer, fleeing from an officer or crime scene, and any means to acquire alcohol (attempting to purchase, using a fake ID, etc.).

    Depending on where an individual was charged for his or her offense and the severity of the crime, the suspended license penalty will vary in duration. According to Michigan state law, a first time infraction will suspend one’s license for no less than three months. However, there are different tiers for certain types of offenses, some containing combinations of fines, jail time, community service, mandatory vehicle immobilization, DMV points and ignition interlock, on top of license suspension. Whether you are a first time offender or worse, be sure to contact a Flint DUI lawyer to go through your options.

    Get Help from a DUI Attorney in Flint, MI
    There may be hope to petition the court for restricted driving privileges during the suspended license period. Especially in cases where there are no alternate methods of transportation, a restricted license might possibly be issued. Shaun Marks, P.C., provides his clients with the support and knowledge that they need. With a success rate of 94%, my firm will do everything possible to get your suspended license back in your hands.

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